Privacy and security

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Private and protected

Your personal information is valuable and worth protecting.

When you send your personal information online, it is important to know who you are sharing it with, and how your privacy is protected.

While using your Digital Identity you can be confident your personal information is: 

  • securely encrypted and stored in Australia
  • shared with chosen service providers only with your consent
  • protected by strict security protocols set by the Australian Government. 

It’s important to stay safe online and protect your personal information.

To help protect your identity and to stop other people from accessing your personal information, Digital Identity uses encryption and cryptographic technology along with the security features already in your device. These include touch ID, face ID and passwords. The security features already in your device are used for your convenience and the information is not shared with government.


The use of a Digital Identity involves the exchange of sensitive and personal information when a person is seeking to verify their identity online.

Commonwealth legislation prohibits agencies from disclosing sensitive and other personal information. The Privacy Act promotes and protects the privacy of individuals and would cover many Digital Identity transactions. This Act includes a range of enforcement and regulatory powers.


Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

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