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Have you upgraded your mobile device recently?

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As new Apple and Android mobile devices hit the market, you might choose to upgrade your current device to a latest model.

To ensure security, you need to set up your myGovID again and re-verify your identity whenever you get a new mobile device, change your device or use your myGovID on multiple devices. 

Make sure you use your latest myGovID email address.

If your myGovID is already linked in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM), this will not be affected.   

Check out how to set up your myGovID again. If you’ve transferred your app, select Reset app within your myGovID app’s Settings before you start.

Once set up you can access your government online services. 

You can also view your myGovID setup history in your app to help manage your devices.

Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

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