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eftpos accreditation annual assessment a success

eftpos has completed reaccreditation for the service ConnectID, under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework’s (TDIF) annual assessment. 

eftpos was first accredited in September 2021 for ConnectID as the first non-government identity exchange. 

ConnectID is now operated by Australian Payments Plus. Australian Payments Plus is the new organisation that brings together Australia’s three domestic payment organisations, BPAY Group, eftpos and NPP Australia into one entity.

ConnectID acts as an exchange between identity providers - organisations that securely hold identity data on behalf of their customers - and merchants or government departments and other relying parties that need to verify who they are dealing with or receive identity information that they can trust. The accreditation doesn't extend to other operators of the network.

While ConnectID securely facilitates the identity verification or data exchange, it does not ever see or store the identity data. Identity providers store consumer identities and take responsibility for providing this secure information only under the consent of the identity owner. In this way, the identity owner – the consumer – controls who receives and uses their identity data.

The TDIF accreditation means that ConnectID continues to meet government-set standards for trust and compliance for their identity exchange service, providing their customers with more confidence that their data is safe.

The TDIF is considered a world-leading accreditation framework for digital identity providers and has encouraged adoption of best-practice digital identity policy across the government and private sector in Australia.

ConnectID will need to continually demonstrate they meet TDIF obligations by undergoing annual assessments. 

For more about accreditation visit 

For more about ConnectID visit ConnectID - Digital identity verification

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