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The Australian Government is committed to providing individuals with a secure, convenient, voluntary and inclusive way to verify their ID online.

The Government is developing legislation for an economy-wide Digital ID system. This system involves: a voluntary accreditation scheme of Digital ID service providers operating across the digital economy; and an Australian Government Digital ID System that is currently based around government services and will be expanded over time to include private sector organisations that choose to participate.

The legislation will provide strong regulation for accredited Digital ID providers to make sure they keep your personal information private and secure, if you choose to create and reuse a Digital ID to access services.  

Consultation on the Digital ID Bill, Digital ID Rules and Digital ID Accreditation Rules has now closed.

The Department of Finance received 113 submissions about the Digital ID Bill, of which 88 agreed to be published. These submissions are available at 2023 Digital ID Bill and Rules submissions | Digital Identity.

For information on what we changed following consultation, head to Legislation | Digital Identity

Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

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