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Government roadmap

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The Australian Government wants to expand the use of Digital ID to be available on a national, whole of economy basis. This would mean individuals and businesses can use an accredited Digital ID, to easily and safely verify who they are to access services without handing over unnecessary personal information.

To deliver this a major economy-wide reform Australia needs a Digital ID system comprising:

  • a voluntary accreditation scheme for Digital ID service providers operating across the public and private sectors
  • an Australian Government Digital ID System that gives people the option to create a Digital ID with an accredited provider of their choice and use it to access a broader range of Commonwealth, state and territory, and private sector services.

Strengthening the Digital ID accreditation scheme 

Digital ID providers help you set up and manage your Digital ID, usually through an app. The Australian Government has been operating an accreditation scheme for providers of Digital ID services, based on the Trusted Digital Identity Framework. Digital ID services can apply to be accredited to demonstrate that they meet high standards for privacy, cyber security, user experience and more. 

As the use of Digital ID services grows across the financial, telecommunications and other sectors, and more players enter the market, we need to strengthen and expand this accreditation scheme. 

The government will create trustmarks for accredited providers to use to better inform people and businesses which Digital ID services come with extra privacy, consumer and other safeguards than is currently the case.

Expanding the Australian Government Digital ID System

The Australian Government’s Digital ID is myGovID and is already being used by millions of Australians. Right now, more than 130 government services have the option available to login with a myGovID. We’re rolling out the Australian Government Digital ID System in four phases.

The timing on when the Government system will transition from one phase to the next will be informed by consultation and the maturity of the Government’s support services (such as capacity of call centres to accommodate larger call volumes). The phases are also intended to overlap.

1. We’ve started by rolling out myGovID to some government services.

2. We will link up state and territory Digital IDs to be used to access Commonwealth services, providing more choice of who you can get your Digital ID with.

3. We will connect with the private sector, meaning you could use your myGovID, or a state or territory accredited Digital ID, to open a new bank account with an Australian bank, verify your ID when signing a new phone contract or applying for a real estate lease.

4. We will provide even more choice of who you get your Digital ID with to access some government services by partnering more with private sector providers.

A secure Digital ID should be an option available to everyone if they choose. A key objective of the Government’s Digital ID program is a focus on inclusion and removing barriers to obtaining a Digital ID and making it easy to reuse it.

The Government is also committed to maintaining other service delivery channels, so that nobody is disadvantaged when accessing government services if they choose not to use a Digital ID.


  1. Download this information as a factsheet: Digital ID - Government roadmap factsheet (PDF 493 KB)

Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

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