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Disclaimer and copyright

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Website content

We provide this website to inform the public and to provide guidance to government agencies and their suppliers.

The material on this website may include the views or advice of third parties. It also includes links to external websites.

These do not necessarily reflect:

  • the views of the Australian Government
  • our commitment to a particular course of action

We are careful when choosing external website links. However, we are not responsible for the information on them.

We do not necessarily endorse the information. Please make your own decision on how accurate, current and reliable the information is.


All material presented on this site is provided under the latest Creative Commons Attribution licence with the exception of:

  • content supplied by third parties,
  • the program logo,
  • the Commonwealth Coat of Arms,
  • material protected by a trade mark, and
  • any videos, images and/or photographs.

The details of the relevant licence conditions and the full legal code for the licence are available on the Creative Commons website.

Use of the Coat of Arms

Guidelines for use of the Coat of Arms are published by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.


We have strict guidelines around the use of the Digital Identity program name and symbols, including logos. We don’t allow use of our name, symbols or logos on other websites, social media channels or other publications, unless we have granted permission. 

Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

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