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We want to make sure that the Australian Government Digital Identity System and the Trusted Digital Identity Framework meets community expectations.

To do this we talk and consult with industry experts and groups, government, advocacy bodies and peak bodies, and we’ll ask for your feedback. From time to time we also conduct market research.

We are not currently conducting public consultation.


Previous consultation

2021 draft legislation consultation

In 2021 we consulted on the draft of the Trusted Digital Identity Bill 2021 and legislative instruments. To view the previous drafts and the submissions from industry and the public go here.  

2021 position paper consultation 

In 2021 we consulted on a position paper that set out policy positions for Digital Identity. To view the position paper and the submissions go here. . 

2020 discussion paper consultation 

In 2020 we consulted on a discussion paper to develop the policy positions consulted on through the position paper in 2023. To view the position paper and the submissions go here

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