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A new way to prove who you are

We are all required to prove our identity repeatedly to access a range of government services.

Digital Identity makes it quicker and easier to access government services by giving you the choice to create a Digital Identity with an accredited identity provider which you can use to prove who you are online again and again.

A Digital Identity is not a replacement for physical documents such as a birth certificate, visa, driver’s licence or passport. If you can’t use Digital Identity, or don’t want to, you can keep accessing government services online, on the phone or in person at government shop fronts across the country.

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What Digital Identity is and your top questions 

Here we explain some key points about what Digital Identity is, and address some common misconceptions about it.

What Digital Identity is:

  • A safe, secure and convenient way to prove who you are online every time you access government services.
  • Digital identity is entirely voluntary and controlled by you.  You chose when to use it and your information is not shared with any service unless you consent.
  • There is still the option to access government services by phone or in-person if preferred.
  • Private and secure and protected by strict security protocols set by the Australian Government. Watch our video on how your personal information is protected.
  • The Digital Identity System has a range of safeguards to stop your personal information being collected, profiled, used or sold for other purposes, such as direct marketing.

Your top questions about Digital Identity

Is Digital Identity linked to vaccination certificates?

No, there is no link between Digital Identity and vaccination certificates. You can choose to log into myGov using your Digital Identity, but Digital Identity is not needed to access or share a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate. 

Digital Identity is not used to track your vaccination status either. There is no link between Digital Identity and vaccination certificates.

Do I need a Digital Identity to go shopping?

Digital Identity is not a digital wallet or currency and not replacing cash or debit/credit cards. You don’t need a Digital Identity to go shopping and it can’t track your movements, shopping, online activity or bank details.

How will this legislation affect those who don’t have access to smart phones or internet? 

Digital Identity is already entirely voluntary and ’opt-in’ for the people who are able to and choose to use it.

This means that people without access to the technology (like a smart phone) to create and use a Digital Identity – or those who simply don’t want to have a Digital Identity for whatever reason – will still be able to access services.

The legislation ensures that the System is built in an inclusive and accessible way, to optimise accessibility and usability.

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Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

How to create your Digital Identity
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