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Create your Digital Identity once, use it anytime and anywhere

We are all required to prove our identity repeatedly to access a range of government services.

It can take time and effort to collect your important documents and visit a government shop front or office each time you need to prove who you are. 

Digital Identity makes it quicker and easier to access government services by giving you the choice to create a Digital Identity with an accredited identity app which you can use to prove who you are online again and again. 

Digital Identity replaces the need for multiple logins to access different services. Your Digital Identity allows you to prove who you are online for work, education and personal use, and you can re-use your Digital Identity whenever you need it.

Private and secure

The Australian Government Digital Identity System has been designed to protect your privacy and security

The System has a range of safeguards to stop your personal information being collected, profiled, used or sold for other purposes, such as direct marketing.

The System also includes security features based on rigorous assessments and testing. 


The decision to create and use a Digital Identity is up to you. Each time you use your Digital Identity, you will be asked to give consent before any of your details are shared with the service you want to access. 

If you can’t use Digital Identity, or don’t want to, you can usually keep accessing government services on the phone or in person at government shop fronts across the country.  

If you are unable to access the service you want because you don’t have a Digital Identity or the right strength Digital Identity, contact them, they will usually have other support channels available. 

Personal information

The System is designed so Australians control their personal information. It protects a person’s privacy by only sharing the minimum amount of personal information needed during transactions. Users can see what information is passed to relying services and must consent to the transaction.

Identity proofing levels

When accessing or applying for services, different services have different identity requirements, depending on the level of risk of incorrectly verifying you, or providing the service to the wrong person.  

The documents you need to create your Digital Identity vary depending on what strength Digital Identity you are trying to create and the identity app you use to create it. 

Find out more about the identity proofing levels the Australian Government uses. 

Age requirements

Currently, the Australian Government's identity app, myGovID, requires people to be 15 years or older to create a Digital Identity.

Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

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